Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 3

So today is my third day in the city and I think I have found a place I could stay for the rest of my life. Like honestly I think I am a city boy at heart, I may live in the country in lynchburg, but I feel like I fit in so well here. And yes today was my first day at the new job!!! I started my internship at TV Guide this morning! And I already know this summer is going to be the best one of my life.

I arrive at work and meet my manager, Mickey O'Connor, who I sit down with and discuss about this summer and what I am trying to get out of the internship, once we talked for a little while we went to the morning meeting, where everyone in the place came together and talked about what was going to happen today and this week. Once we did all that, Mickey introduced me to Robyn Ross who is the Associate Editor for TV Guide, and she kind of walked me through what she was going to be doing which is probably the coolest thing ever. They had a couple interviews set up for today and tomorrow. The first interview we did was with Haley Reinhart who was the 2nd runner up in this years American Idol competition. Yes, I said AMERICAN IDOL!!!! It was so awesome to meet someone who had been to the final three. But it didn't stop there, The next person we were interviewing was Lauren Alaina the singer who got 1st runner up! Both of them were really sweet and nice, Robyn interviewed both of them and it was so much fun to watch and see what kind of things she asked. For almost the entire day I did a lot of observing, which was good especially on my first day, I got to see what type of things I will be doing this summer, because it sounds like I am going to be doing a lot of production and studio work which is a perfect place to get my foot in the door, especially at a huge company like TV Guide.

Once work got finished, I headed back to the dorm and just relaxed and got changed into some comfortable casual clothes. After that I went to eat and to an Ice Cream Social at the dining hall with some people from the program which was really nice, and then went to a little ice breaker they were putting on. It was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day at work, we have another HUGE interview set up, and you are not going to want to miss who it is. I hope everyone is enjoying this!!! Let everyone know about this, and let me know what you think. Also send me your address so I can mail you a postcard!!!

Day 2

Hey everyone, so today wasn't as eventful as yesterday but definitely was a great day. I got up at around 8:45ish and went out into the city before our first day of orientation. We sat through orientation for about 2 hours where they talked about the summer, and what they were hoping we get out of the summer, it was definitely a great way to start the day. After the first part of the orientation I went to this place I believe called the Whole Market with some friends. I had some curry, and some corn chowder, talk about amazing food... Once we finished that, we made our way over to Max Brenner, a chocolate shop, and got a couple chocolate drinks (non alcoholic of course) and then we went back to the orientation place and got ready for our dry runs for work tomorrow.

Once we met with the person who helped us out, we all went our separate ways and went to find our internship site. Since I am the only one working at TV Guide it was kind of tough walking through the city not knowing exactly where I was going. But I found exactly where I am going to be working and it is amazing. I will be working at 11 West 42nd Street!!!! It was so much fun to find out where the building is.

After I found my site, I made my way back to the dorm and relaxed for a little bit and then headed to Time Square, talk about a place that never sleeps. There is always something going on in Time Square, whether it is a Broadway show, or just someone asking for random money. It was a great experience. I made my way back to the dorm and it was getting pretty late, I experienced NYC for the first time at night and it was definitely interesting, there are some pretty interesting people here. Later on I went to a movie with Gaby and Kaitlynne, two of the girls I went to lunch with. So it was definitely a long day, but well worth it!

Tomorrow (today) is my first day at work, and I can't wait to tell everyone how it goes! Be sure and let me know what you think and I will be keeping everyone posted!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 1

So, this is going to be a blog about what is going on in the life of Robbie Vogler this summer... I am going to try my hardest to keep it up to date everyday so everyone knows what is going on!

So... Day 1.. So I woke up this morning and my dad and I spent the morning and last night figuring out what we were going to do, we end up driving to Penn Station in NJ (right outside the city) and hop on a bus that took us to Port Authority. Once we arrived at Port Authority we got in probably the most interactive cab I have ever been in. We drove to where I am right now University Hall on the campus of NYU! It was definitely a great way to start off the morning and was so much fun. After I got checked into my room I went and got settled in to my room. After we did all that, my dad and I explored the city, well Union Square anyway, we found a Kmart that is right down the street and a bunch of different stores, and walking around I just kept thinking to myself, what an amazing summer this is going to be.

After we got all the necessities my dad and I took a subway to Time Square, and let me tell you, this place was kicking! We had lunch at one of the most amazing burger places I have ever been, "The Counter" you got a menu and you picked every bit of your burger, you were in charge. So it definitely was a place I may be revisiting later this summer. After that I dropped my dad off at the subway, and was for the first time in my life, out in the middle of New York City by myself! But of course it gets better.

Once I said goodbye, I took off and explored Time Square, the first thing I notice is the travel channel is having a sand masters exhibition right in the middle there was a HUGE sand sculpture and it was pretty sweet. I continue walking passing places like the Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, a Toys R Us store with a Ferris wheel inside, Broadway where they are currently showing Mary Poppins, and a bunch of other places. I get down to the street where the building I will be working in is, and I find it, it may be the biggest building I have ever stepped foot in, It is the same building where Fox News Channel is located and so it was fun to see where I was going to be working. Once I got done seeing that I headed back to NYU, took the R subway downtown and got off and Union Square.

After I got all situated the Dream Careers program hosted a welcome orientation dinner for all the participants, where they just introduced all the staff, and gave everyone an opportunity to meet one another and socialize with everyone. That was definitely a blast getting to see where everyone is interning and seeing where everyone was from. Once that was done I came back to the room and wrote this.

This is going to be an amazing summer and it already has started out perfectly! I start my internship at TV Guide on Tuesday and I'm going to experience what I hope will be the best summer of my life! I can't wait to share it with everyone, leave comments if you want to know something more!