Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 12- Another Epic Day

So today was another great night, not too much happened at work but you will find out later why tonight will definitely be a good one in the life of my summer.

So I got up went to work, and first got there started working on editing some of the Leverage interviews we had done from a couple weeks back. So I pretty much did that all day, also looked through some footage of clips and things like that. So today was a busy day at work, but I only did one or two things, so there wasn't too much to say about it. Once I got off work I headed down to back home and got ready for the Broadway Show: How to Succeed in Business... starring Daniel Ratcliff. So that definitely was a great performance to see and I was excited.

We headed there and got our seating and got ready for the show, it was one of the funniest, craziest Broadway shows I had ever seen. Daniel Ratcliff can sing and dance, which was pretty unbelievable at first, because all I had known him in was Harry Potter, so I had no clue he could do all this. So after the show was over Nick, Nick, myself, Jessica, Haley, and Emily all went to a comedy club, we figured why not, we only live once, and the tickets were cheap. So we went there and hungout there for about an hour and a half while the show was going on. It was a typical New York Comedy Club show, they acts weren't A class, but they got better as the night went on. After we checked out of there we headed back, and got in around 12:35. Tomorrow is Friday, and it's going to be a good weekend!!!


  1. Ah I'm pretty jealous you got to see that show! I've heard it's incredible. what I REALLY want to go see though is Spider Man. You should definitely try and see it while you're there!

  2. I love the show Leverage..... when does that start back up?

  3. I wanna be there. So jealous right now!