Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 13

So today was another day living in the City! Things haven't changed since day one and I love it. Good things are happening to me this summer when talking about my dreams and my plans that I have for my future. It is definitely a lot of fun just to see how much I have grown even though I haven't even been here for 2 weeks, but a lot is happening, and a lot is changing for the best.

I woke up today and headed off to work, before work I always stop at the Grand Central Market and get a blueberry muffin, definitely the best way to start out a day. Anyway, I continued to work and once I got there I got right to finishing the Leverage interviews. It was a lot of fun editing the interviews, even though I didn't get to see them being interviewed, all the cast members had a lot to say about the show and just about things that go on around the set. Once I got done finishing that, I was given a DVD of clips from The Glades, so I put those on final cut and edited them the best I could, and they are currently on the player on the website! So that was fun getting those together. Once I got done editing those, my boss and another Lady from TV Guide took the 3 interns out to lunch, and a very good Hamburger place so that was sweet, I tried a fried pickle for the first time (not too shabby) but then once we got done there we headed back to work. I went back and finished uploading the videos I had just edited online, and asked Mickey what else I could do. Well he couldn't think of anything so he let me out of work a couple hours early. It was a Friday so it was nice to leave a little early and go back and just relax.

Once I got back to the dorm I laid down for a little bit, and waited to have supper later on with some friends. So I laid down, and just enjoyed it being a Friday, figuring out what to do tonight and all that stuff. So after that, I went with a couple of friends and checked out some restaurants in Chelsea (upper westside) and found ourselves eating a Greek place called Uncle Nicks. It was really good, I had a bowl of soup and some roasted potatoes, and brought the potatoes home for a future day. We spent a good hour and half eating and talking and figuring out what is going on tonight. But now I am writing the blog still trying to figure something out. I know I am going out, just not sure where yet.

But as you can see I am having a blast here still in NYC, I tell myself everyday I could see myself living here one day. I am going over a plan tomorrow with Heather and Cody about the talk show and other events and ideas we are going to try to branch from this idea. This summer has just gotten started, but I only have 6 weeks left to make it even better! And I can't wait to let you in on everything!

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