Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 14

The second weekend of the big city, I have been in NYC for 2 weeks now. It has definitely been a learning process the past two weeks, just finding everything and the easiest ways to work and all that jazz. But today was a good day, nice and relaxing.

I woke up and did some laundry which was much needed after two weeks of being here. So I got that done and also went over my proposal and the ideas I have for the talk show I am thinking about putting on. So once I got done doing laundry I had a meeting with Cody, Heather, and Krista about my talk show idea, and this thing is going to be amazing! The show is going to be called The Dreamer Talk Box! More details will be coming up as things go on, but thats what is going on at the moment! And I can't wait to pursue this dream of mine and get it going!

After we had our meeting I headed to Time Square with Jessica, Haley, Emily and Daniel for some lunch and to just enjoy the day, since the Brooklyn Bridge and Grimaldi's pizza trip got cancelled due to rain. But we ended up at The Counter, which if you remember is the place my dad and I went when he dropped me off. So we had a little lunch there and it was unbelievable! I had the mini cheeseburgers and it was so good! After we had lunch we headed to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Time Square. They had different costumes and props from the actual Harry Potter movie. It's kind of funny because we saw Daniel Ratcliff on Broadway a couple days before and now we were going through his exhibit in NYC. So it was cool to see some of the props they used, and things of that nature.

Once we got done with that, we headed back to the dorm, and just relaxed for a little while. I took a little nap and then walked around Union Square for an hour or so, walking in and out of stores and just enjoying city life! I love the city, You will hear me say this a million more times while I am here! Remember you can send me mail at...

Robbie Vogler
NYU- University Hall
Room 809A
110 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003-4278

I can't wait to get in touch will you guys! Let me know what you think about the blog! And what you think I should do next...

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