Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 18- 3 interviews and counting

********I just want to first start off by saying this, anything that is used or said in this blog is allowed to be leaked out to the public... The information on this blog is not private, but a public show of my life and what I am doing here in NYC. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT be afraid to tell others about this blog for viewing purposes. Thank you...********

Now that I got that off my chest, I can continue with the blog like I do every single day. Today the morning started out just like any other morning, woke up got my bagel w/ cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts downstairs and then headed to work. I have gotten more and more used to the timing of the Subway and how long it will take to get from the dorm to work, so I can relax a little in the morning and not rush so much and get all sweaty getting to work. Once I got to work, I got right on my daily assignment that I do for my manager which is look up the different clips for future episodes off the media sites. Once I got done with that, Bryce the freelancer that comes in to work on the interviews came in and we had our first interview this morning around 11 o'clock. The interview was with Rocco Dispirito (Rocco's Dinner Party) he is debuting a new season of the show listed above. He was a nice guy and definitely a good person to do an interview with. Once we were finished editing some other interviews we had our second interview come in for today, Kara Dioguardi (American Idol) she has a new show called Platinum Hit which is a songwriting competition. It looks to be a pretty great show and it is different which is what I like about it. After her interview we went for our lunch break, and then we came back and edited some more interviews that we had to interview, and got ready for our last interview of the day, it was with Shailene Woodley (Secret Life...) who is the star role in Secret Life and also has a new movie coming out with George Clooney. Once that interview was over I headed over to the Dream Careers office...

When I arrived at the Office, we started talking about different ideas for the show, it looks now that the show will be premiering on July 10th, so that will give us a lot more time to get things ready and equipment set up. I am so excited for this to be happening, it is a big dream of mine to be a talk show host or a TV personality and even if we only have a couple episodes of this show, it will be the most amazing experience of my life. I am going to give a little preview of the guests we will be having on the first show: Kelsi Kimball, Nick Mueller, and Nick Meletio. You are definitely not going to want to miss it!

Tonight we did an activity that focused a lot of communication in the business and goals we were trying to reach. I am so happy that we have a staff here at Dream Careers that cares so much about us as dreamers that they will do whatever it takes to make our dreams come true. It has been an amazing experience the past 18 days and its not even close to being over. I love the City, I love my friends I have made here, and I love the people that are making this summer one that I will never forget! It's time to make the most of what I want to do! DREAM ON!!!

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