Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 20

Today was one of those days that I just enjoyed the day, wasn't too busy at work, but at the same time was a good time to relax. But that doesn't mean that my day wasn't great, everyday I am here is just another reason why I don't and won't want to leave this place in 5 weeks.

I woke up this morning, and did my usual ride the subway to work, once I got to work I did my normal check out the clips of different shows. Since we got all the interviews edited yesterday there wasn't too much for me to do at work today. It was definitely a nice day to just enjoy the day in the office and see if anyone else had things they needed me to do, when they didn't I was like, what do I do now? I checked in with my manager and he gave me my assignment for the day. Since there is an interview coming in next week, I was able to watch 3 of the episodes of the new show Wilfred with Elijah Wood and collect B-Roll. It is definitely one interesting show, its a comedy, but sort of a dark type of comedy. Anyway I watched those and collected the b-roll that we are going to use for the interviews next week. So that was fun to watch a show that hasn't even been on TV yet. Makes me feel like I have the inside scoop and that I see it before almost anyone else. Once work was over Mickey sent me home around 4 and that ended the day.

After work I headed back to the dorm, and just relaxed for a little bit, I got an email from Cody about the "Dreamer Talk Box" and it was the blueprint or the layout of how the show is going to go on the 10th of July! I honestly was so surprised and so happy I started tearing up a little bit. It is amazing how much the staff at Dream Careers really care about people who want to pursue their dreams, and it got me so excited about what this talk show is going to mean to me and everyone else helping out with it. I have been working on questions and ideas for my monologue as well as figuring out what different segments I am going to do and that are actually going to make the cut!

So words can't even describe how excited I am about tomorrow's INTENSATI workout in Central Park!!! There are a group of us going and honestly, it is one of the only things I have been thinking about all week long. Nothing can prepare me for what I am going to embark on tomorrow in the Park!!! This is my moment, and the best thing is, I am getting filmed while doing the workout! Tomorrow's session may have its own blog post, and I definitely may have two blog posts tomorrow, a morning recap and then the rest of the day. That is how excited I am about this IntenSati workout! I have been listening to my pump up playlist all day! It's time to show what I can do!

Dream ON!!!!

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