Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 22, another Brilliant day

Hey everyone, today was a great day just enjoying the perfect weather, and hanging out with some more great people like I did yesterday. I started out the day by doing a little quiet time by myself and just reflected over the past few weeks that I have been here, It is crazy to think that 3 weeks ago today my Dad dropped me off and I started this incredible journey! By the way, Happy Fathers day to my Dad and also to all the dads out there! That definitely was a great way to start out the day just seeing how much I have really grown over the past few weeks.

As you may know yesterday I went on an adventure to Coney Island and then headed back on the Brooklyn Bridge. Well today I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge and back, we went as a dream Careers group and walked across the bridge and it was a great experience, once we got done done walking across the bridge, we had some of the world famous Grimaldi's pizza, which I must admit very good! I love when tradition is in something and I get to try something that is on all the food networks and things you must do in the city. Once we got finished with the pizza some of us hit up the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, I had a scoop of chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream and then we walked back over across the bridge, which was very nice to see the Manhattan side of the walk just like yesterday.

Once we got back I headed up to my room to relax and just go over some pictures of my time I have been here in NYC so those are up on my Facebook right now which I know a lot of people are excited about. I went up to my room and decided to get some laundry done before a seminar Elina was putting on at 8 in the commons. She talked about Personal Branding and really getting yourself out there about what you need and what you want to do. I loved this seminar because it really made me think of how I am putting myself out there for others to know. She brought up a point of how do you know or do you know what your dream really is, I took that to heart and I love doing what I do, I love talking to people, I am a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys getting to know people and I feel like my passion has taken over and being a talk show host would be an amazing profession for me, yes I am going to have to work my way up from the bottom, but the opportunities are endless, I am taking my dream and making it a reality with the Talk show on the 10th of July, which I am so excited about. Everyone is really encouraging me and I can't wait to see where this ends up and how this is going to affect the next 5 years of my life!

After the seminar Kelsi and I headed over to Max Brenner for a little chocolate, we looked over the menu and didn't know exactly what we were going to get, we had it down to a few things but decided to get the European Fondue, which was sort of a sampler platter of anything you can think of when it comes to fondue (marshmallows, brownies, cookies, strawberries and bananas) which we shared and it was amazing, we had 3 dips we could dip the fondue in and they were Milk Chocolate, Toffee, and White Chocolate. It was the best desert I think I have ever had in my life. That may be exaggerating just a little bit, but it is pretty close! We got to talk about stuff and just enjoy a nice evening at a really nice place. So it was definitely a great way to end the day as well.

Today was a great day of reflection for me and I was able to do that by hanging out with people that I talked to a lot. I love the fact that everyone here, or at least the people that I have met so far have been really open and they love expressing themselves and telling others what their dreams and goals are. It takes a lot to talk to someone about those things, but I really believe that when you do tell someone, they can help you stay accountable and everything and it is a really great community of people here to do it with. I challenge you to take sometime in your day everyday to really reflect on the past and evaluate the goals you have in life and if you haven't gotten to experience them, find someone you can talk to about them, so they can keep you accountable.


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  1. Hey remember when you tried to roast a mellow over a candle? I am having so much fun reading your blog and also getting to know you through our adventures. Thanks for being a good friend. Can't wait for more to come!