Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 24, Brilliance at work

So today was one of the best days of work that I have had since working at TV Guide. You will find out why here in just a bit, but first I want to just remind everyone that is reading this what my goal for this blog is. I just want to say thank you again to everyone that is reading this consistently, it means a lot when I get feedback from you or people in the program I am in and it really makes it so much worth it to write another post the next day! I have learned so much over the past 3.5 weeks and this is just my way of letting you know what I am up to while I am interning and spending my summer in NYC! It really is all of you that read this that keeps me coming back and posting new stories day after day. So thank you!

Alrighty, today like I said up top, was one of the best days at work that I have had probably since I have been here, and yes it tops the first 2 days when I met the American Idol Top 3 finalists. The crazy thing is today was a slow day as well, I think it was the fact that I got some pretty sweet news about what I am going to be doing the next couple days that just made it so good. I did something different before I got to work, which may have helped a bit, I went to Tim Hortons and got an Iced Carmel Latte, and it was amazing, definitely the start of the day that I had been needing. I got to work and did my daily thing, watched a show or two from the past week, and then watched some clips. Well tomorrow we have someone pretty big coming into the studio, I have already told some people who it is (hint: Lord of the Rings) but tomorrow will be a good blog to write about that. But then I got the word that I am going to be going to my first Red Carpet Premiere on Thursday night! The film is "Monte Carlo" starring Selena Gomez, and that just made my day. I got all my work done and since it was a nice day in the city, Mickey let me go home a little early so I came back to the room and started working on material for the talk show. This material thing is going to be an ongoing event until the actual show which is on July 10th!

After I finished with that I headed to dinner and just relaxed while eating. I talked to Cody a little more about the show and the different segments we are thinking about doing. I honestly am so pumped about this talk show, it is going to be perfect! Once I got done talking to Cody for a bit, I finished eating with Shannon and Alexandra before they/we went and watched Pretty Little Liars. (I want to make something clear, I say watching this show is sort of homework for work and it is that one show that a bunch of people in the office like. I have to watch it in order to be able to have a conversation with my co-workers, which is really important especially when you are an intern). Anyway about 10 minutes into the show I went and met with Kelsi about the idea we are calling "Momentum" where we have people talk and discuss their goals and dreams and actually write them down. So we discussed that for a little bit, and then I got back in time for the final 20 minutes of the show, which I guess I was a little confused coming back that late. But I was confused from the beginning so nothing much really changed. Once we got done watching that I headed back up to my room and starting writing this.

Today was a big step for me, and I believe it will be a huge help in my career. Yeah, I don't want to be a cameraman for the rest of my life, but the fact that I get to go experience a Red Carpet Premiere is going to be a memory that I will never forget. Things come in all shapes and sizes, some big and some small. You have to take every opportunity that is given to you and give it everything you have! No matter what IT is, take it, do it to the best of your ability and I promise someone will notice. When you take that step, You will be the one that stands out in the crowd, You will be the one people want to be like, and You will be the one whose dreams come true!

Dream ON!!!!

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