Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 25, Brilliance and Frodo

I always have something interesting to say about the day, whether I meet someone famous or I get to do something fun at work or in the city, regardless of what it is, I always like to tell my "fans" at home and in the program what is going on in the day! Today isn't going to be any different, but today I found out a lot about others in the program at Dream Careers. I will tell you about that later but I loved getting to meet new people and get to see what everyone's dreams and goals were.

I started out the day by waking up and grabbing a coffee at Tim Hortons on the way to work, I really feel like this just gets my day started on the right path and gives me the energy to do the rest of the jobs I have to do. Today was a very big day for myself and for TV Guide, I have met a bunch of big name celebrities and people that come into the studio and talk about their new show coming up. Today we had a legitimate A list celebrity come into the studio to promote his new show on FX, "Wilfred". His name if you didn't figure it out already by the title of my blog is Elijah Wood. I definitely was excited to talk to him, because he is a household name and it was fun to get to talk to him for a little bit and things of that nature. We got ready and shot his interview and he is a really nice guy to just talk to and see what he is up to and things like that. After that I edited the interview and broke it down to the interview that will be on the website tomorrow for the premiere. So make sure you check out tomorrow and watch it. After the interview and after I got done editing it, Bryce showed me how to use the camera that they use for red carpets. Tomorrow, I am going to be officially paparazzi at a Red Carpet Movie Premiere of "Monte Carlo". It is going to be a surreal experience and will definitely be a great blog post for tomorrow (Make sure you check back).

Once work was over I headed to the Dream Careers office to talk to Cody and James about The Dreamer Talk Box that is going on July 10th. I also got the news that I am officially going to the David Letterman show next Tuesday, with Tom Hanks as the guest! Let's just say I am really excited about that opportunity to get to do that and really get to see how the Talk Show really works and what really goes on. That is going to be another surreal experience that I am going to have and will be a great Blog post next Tuesday. I fixed some eggs for dinner which were very delicious, and headed down to the JK&A that is put on every Wednesday by a few of the Dream Careers staff. Tonight was led by Kelsi and Andrew and they talked about visioning your goals and really expressing them and telling others about them. It really was a huge impact tonight, because I have always visioned my goals and I have written them down, but I usually only tell a little group of people what they are or what I am going to do to achieve them. I got to open up with a bunch of people that I had never met before and it was great. I love the idea of expressing to others what your goals are that way they can keep you accountable.

Today was another brilliant day in the City of New York. I love how every single day I learn something new, and I get one more opportunity to really reach and pursue my dreams. The next week is going to be amazing just talking to different people, and experiencing a Red Carpet Premiere and everything that goes along with it. As you can tell I changed up my blog format a little bit, it marks a new beginning for not only just me, but anyone out there that wants to step up to the plate and really go for their goals. I challenge you over the next 24 hours to really take hold of your dreams and goals, tell someone you trust about them, and let the journey begin.

Dream ON!!!!


  1. Robbie ~ I find myself reading your blog everyday. You are brilliant! :)


  2. A little harder to read in this format but that could be because I am old and trying to read it at 5:30AM. Love the skyline pic! Keep up the excitement and be sure to keep pursuing your dreams, asking God to direct you to what He would have you do and become.