Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 26, Lights, Camera, Brilliance

Alright so today was amazing, I got to do a lot of firsts and it may have been the longest, best, busiest day of work I have had and may ever have this summer. But it was definitely worth every second of the experience and what happened. I never thought that today would ever come, I mean everyone dreams of going to a Red Carpet Movie premiere and seeing big name celebrities but how many times do you really have the chance to actually film on the Red Carpet...???

I am going to jump right into it, I woke up this morning and headed to work, where I was in charge of the studio for the day. We had one interview with Oliver Platt (The Big C, Bronx Bombers, West Wing) so I actually ran the the cameras and did all the usual studio work that the Freelancer does. It was my first time, running the studio by myself, and I would honestly have to say it went really well! I am very excited to see how the footage comes out when I edit the interview tomorrow. After the interview was completed I edited it down just a little bit, and started making sure I knew what was going on for the Red Carpet tonight. I wasn't too sure how I was going to do, but in the end it was a blast. At around 5ish right after I got off work, I headed to the Red Carpet for media check-in that was at 5:45. We didn't get set up and actually in until around 6:15, and it took a little while to get the camera on the tripod but it got set up and you could say it was smooth sailing from there. Well sort of, The first celebrity that showed up was Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day) so we got an interview with her, and I also snapped a quick picture of her as well...

 She was with her daughters for the premiere. The next person that we got an interview with was Stephen Baldwin, was there with his two daughters also and they were there to support Selena...

It definitely didn't stop there when coming to celebrities, there were a few more, one of the co-stars of the film Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Taken) and we got a couple questions with her and I got a little snapshot of her as well...
She is the one on the left, she was a very good interview and we were able to get some good shots of her. After she took some interviews we all were waiting for the star of the film, Selena Gomez, and here she is taking some questions before heading into the premiere!
She was the last of the stars for the movie that arrived. So you are probably wondering, so did you see Justin Bieber? Well lets just say yes I did. My first Red Carpet I spotted the Biebs on it. He didn't take any questions but I did snap a little picture of him while he was rushed into the Theater.
 He was there about an hour before Selena got there, but I would say he was the biggest star to rock the Red Carpet tonight. Once we got done seeing all the celebs and got all packed up we headed back to the office to drop off the equipment and headed home.

Wow an 11 hour workday was definitely worth it. I got a lot of great experience and got to do some amazing things that I didn't think I would ever get to go do this summer. I have met some amazing people, and I really think I showed some of my co-workers that I love doing what I am doing, I love working for TV Guide and the experience is like non other. It was my first Big Red Carpet and I promise everyone it will not be my last! Today was unbelievable, and dreams are coming true, one by one! 

Dream ON!!!!

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