Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 28, Brilliance at the zoo

Today wasn't your typical Saturday in the NYC, but at the exact same time, it could have been your typical Saturday night. I did a lot of site seeing, the past 24 hours from last night going and walking around to just going all the way to the Bronx and hitting up one of the best zoo's in America! Lets just say, today may not be the longest blog, but don't let that fool you, it was certainly a busy and exciting day!

I woke up this morning and actually was able to sleep in a little bit, so I got up around nine, which is really good. The plan for the day was to hit up the Bronx Zoo with Shannon, since a lot of other people were in D.C. this weekend, we decided to make something out of our Saturday afternoon and headed uptown to the World famous Bronx Zoo. I am a big fan of zoo's but I think I am an even bigger fan of Giraffes, I have never seen one before, but I have always wanted to and I really think they are some of the coolest animals that are on the Earth, I mean come on, they have a huge neck and just look sweet. Anyway we go to the zoo and end up spending a good 3-4 hours walking around and seeing all the animals, here is a picture of a few of the best shots I got...
As you can see I got some pretty awesome shots of a Giraffe and a pretty awesome one of a Tiger as well. The zoo was definitely a great time. After we got done we headed back and just relaxed until the comedy club later that night.

After we chilled for a bit, We headed to Gotham Comedy club to listen to some good ol' New York Comedians, there were actually a couple good ones, but there were also some not so good ones as well. I guess that is just your normal comedy club experience in NYC. Some great and some not so great. It was a great experience to say the least. Once the show was over we walked back to the dorm where I am now writing this a little late, but its still here I know.

Today was a fun and relaxing day, going to one of the most famous zoo's in America which I can actually say I have seen a Giraffe. It was fun to hang out with some great people that I am meeting every single day. I have noticed and I was telling some friends this tonight, I don't have a certain group I hang out with, and I love that. Just getting to know everyone and where they are from and what they do at their internship, that is the type of person I am. Nothing can change the way I am, and nothing should be able to change the way you are. No matter what people think about or what you do, just do it to the fullest of your ability! Really go after your goals and dreams and show everyone, you have something special! Goodnight!

Dream ON!!!! 

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