Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 5

So today was my 3rd day at work, and it has been a pretty great day so far. I got up regular time and headed to work a little early, once I got there I was given the task of looking up fan sites of Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery so we could send them the interviews we did. It was definitely a lot of fun in the studio, not as crazy as it has been the past couple days because of American Idol, but don't think it was a relaxed day. We had three interviews done today and a bunch of things to go over. Here is a little picture of my desk in the studio that I will be working at all summer.So that is my desk that I work on different things on. It is a nice work area, and that is inside the studio portion of the office, which is pretty sweet. So the first interview we had was with Disney XD star Mitchel Musso (Miley Cyrus and Pair of Kings), who has his new season of Pair of Kings coming up soon, so they talked about that a little bit, so it was sweet meeting someone like that. So after that interview I helped edit the interview a bit, and watched the guy I'm working with do his thing, which was nice, to see how a professional edits and things like that. After we got that done, we had another interview come in, Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity) he is starring in a new series that premieres tonight on NBC called "Love Bites". He is a pretty nice guy, really knows what he is doing and seems to be enjoying the new show he is putting on now. After we got done his interview and talking to him for a little while, we had one more interview to do. Matt Passmore, who is the lead role on the A&E show "The Glades". He was a really nice guy, and just talked about the show and what you could look forward to in it at all. He is from Australia so the accent he had was pretty awesome too. He is heading back down to Florida to finish shooting the series, since there are about 6 more episodes they still have to shoot. After his interview, I helped with the editing of his interview a little bit, looking at the different B-role of the clips and sorting through that.

After looking through that for a little while, I sat in on a calender meeting/conference call with our partners in Los Angeles, where we talked about the calender and the schedule for the next week. It was definitely a pretty sweet experience to actually see them and sit in on a conference call. Today was a lot of fun, I got to meet a few more celebrities and learned some more new things. It has definitely opened my eyes to a new world which is entertainment.

So after work I headed back to the dorm and went to dinner with some friends in the program, and it was cool seeing what they are doing, and telling them what is going on during my day of work. And now I am writing this and watching the Heat/ Mavericks game. So I hope everyone had a good day. Leave your comments and let me know what ya think!

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  1. Sounds like a great job and a lot of fun. Hope you get some time to explore the city this weekend. Keep us posted!