Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 6

So today was a pretty slow day at the office, woke up at around 7:30 and got ready and headed to work, was a fun day getting there, saw someone get arrested on the subway and other things like that. Once I got to work I helped look over some clips for previews of future shows as well as I helped come up with some ideas of different segments we should try for our site, it was a lot of fun seeing what our competitors did and trying to come up with better ideas from that. Once I got done with that, I spent my last few hours watching some of the new Fall shows that will be premiering on CBS! So I watched TV during work today, the life of a TV Guide worker!

After work was over I headed back to the dorm and laid down for a little bit, and then went to dinner, you know the usual stuff, it is definitely a good food place and it is so convenient. Once I got done having dinner I headed out for a little walk. Went to the subway and hit the shuttle to Time Square, looked around there for a little bit, and then just kept walking. Yeah, you can do that in NYC, just keep walking and you will run into something pretty cool. Well I ran into something cooler than cool. The world renown Plaza Hotel...

... I also was really close to Central park which was a pretty awesome experience, I had never seen the Plaza in real life except in the movie Home Alone 2... So it was sweet to check that out, and I actually got to go inside and check it out, it is one of the most amazing things you need to check out before you die. Anyway, I walked around that part of the city for a little while, and then headed back to the dorms. It was fun exploring parts of the city that I had never seen before in my life, and being there was amazing.

Once I got back to the dorm, I got on the elevator and headed up to the 8th floor and stopped in on some of the summer Dream Careers Staff's room, and relaxed in there, and spent about 2 hours fixing a printer that may not be fixed entirely. But it did print something that I sent to it, so we are making extreme progress. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, Double Decker tour of NYC and then lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then just chillin in Central Park! Its going to be a great day! SO check back tomorrow and find out what happened!

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  1. Awesome Robbie! I love going to NYC and just walking, no matter where you go you find something unique! sounds like you're having a blast