Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 7

So today marks the 7th day I have been in the city, and let me tell you right now, it is just as exciting to be here as it was day 1! Today was my first Saturday in the city and it was a very busy one. Let me just start out by saying Dream Careers is the best organization, they have done so much just in this first week, and care about everyone in the program, so thank you to all of the staff who have made this summer possible.

Alright, so I woke up this morning and got some breakfast at DD downstairs. Then relaxed until about 10:45, when I headed downstairs and got ready for the bus tour around NYC. I have always wanted to go on one of those buses you sit on the top and they guide you around the city, well today was the day I actually got to experience the "dream". I would say other than last Monday, today was the ultimate tourist day for everyone, we were driven around the city and got to see so many important places (Chinatown, Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Park, United Nations, some pretty sweet houses that they have based TV shows out of) so that was definitely a lot of fun, I took some pictures, but I am still going through them, so they are coming soon. After we got done with the bus tour we ended up in Time Square and had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe, this blog is actually being dedicated today to Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again", it played while we were eating. Anyway... I had a pulled pork sandwich which was amazing, and filled me up good.

After lunch, we headed off to Central Park. I had never really been in central park and walked around so I was really excited about what I was going to see. You hear about central park and its amazing beauty, and all of those are so true. Central Park has to be the ultimate chill spot, if you are bored and you want to find something or somewhere to just chill... Check out central park in New York City! You will find anything from concerts to a huge lawn, to a road that plays music and people are on roller skates just dancing on them. It may have been the coolest thing I had seen to date, if you talk about my "tourist" experience. Then we kept on walking and came to the big lake in the middle of the Park and hung out there and watched a street show for about 25 minutes. Now this 25 minutes was about 10-15 minutes of doing something, and the rest trying to get money off of people to donate. I would say they probably made about $300 during the show we watched, and there were 3 guys performing. That isn't too bad for just one show, but hey, it was entertaining, I didn't give them any money, but they were fun to watch. Once we got done with that we headed towards Strawberry Fields in Central Park. And I am sorry to bear bad news, but there are absolutely no Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It was a tough thing to handle once we first got there but I got over it, and so did everyone else. It is actually a memorial for John Lennon, former Beatles singer, who was shot just outside of where this memorial is for him...
... His most famous song "Imagine" is one of my favorites, RIP John Lennon. After we were done there we headed to the building where he was shot. He did a lot for Rock and Roll and was apart of a group that will always be remembered as one of the best groups ever! After that we headed back to the dorms and I took a nap, it was a pretty good nap, it is sort of overcast here in NYC so should be a nice night to just relax, maybe go somewhere and watch the Canucks/Bruins game which is currently on as I write this.

Tomorrow is going to be another great day, may be a little slower than the past week, but I have learned even on the slow days, big things can happen!


  1. Of all the places you went on your bus tour and that you haven't been to yet, where do you think you want to go back and visit?

  2. Either by the Brooklyn Bridge or Chinatown, they call Chinatown the bargain city... you can get anything for just a fraction of the cost...

  3. haha, no strawberry fields, bummer. Central Park is probably my favorite part of the city, it's such a chill place compared to the craziness around it

  4. So cool! You're giving me travel ideas.