Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 8

Alright everyone, my first full week in the city has come to a close, which means I have about 7 weeks left to embrace the city they call New York City. And as a famous band once said, "Dream On!" It was a great first week, filled with surprises and adventures that have made this summer unbelievable already, and to think I have 7 more weeks here, it is going to be unbelievable what happens next!

I woke up this morning and wondered to myself what I wanted to do, I was like hey why not go to Chinatown and see what kind of trouble I can cause there. Well I got on the R train uptown to where I thought was Chinatown, but apparently I was wrong, I ended up by the Worlds biggest Macy's...

...which if you ask me was still pretty awesome. After I got done exploring there, I headed back to Time Square, and of course finding something new isn't hard in that place. So checked that out and just walked around a bit more and headed back to the dorm. Well once I got back here, I was wondering what I should have for lunch... There are these vendors on the sidewalks and there are some that serve Chicken over Rice, so I told myself, here we go, this is going to happen this time. So I got it, and it was the best lunch I have had since I have been in the city. Who would have thought a little vendor could produce so much goodness in a meal.

After that, I headed back out to explore some more but this time I headed downtown to the real Chinatown. And this is the land of opportunity, I have not seen the last of this town, I loved walking around looking in the shops trying to bargain with the sellers for watches and sunglasses and swords, it was unbelievable. And I thought about bringing home some duck for dinner... But that didn't happen anyway, I walked around there and Little Italy for about 2 hours and then headed back to the dorm, for the remainder of the evening. I loved that place, it was so much fun just to go around and check everything out and go to the different stores, even though I couldn't understand what they said, it was awesome.

Tonight we have a Vision board activity that the staff has put on for us. I hope everyone is enjoying this blog! I am loving writing it, and can't wait to tell you more as the summer goes on! Peace and love!

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  1. Way to go Rob, glad to see you tried a street vendor's offering. Keep trying new things; such a tremendous opportunity for you. And .... love the blog and hope you keep it up for the entire 8 weeks.