Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 34- Not to much, but Happy Canada Day!

Today was another one of those nice relaxing days at work and once I got back to the dorm. I wish I could tell you more about the day, but I didn't do much exploring, but a lot of planning for the Talk Show, Which I love doing so it wasn't too bad!

I woke up and celebrated Canada Day by having a coffee at Tim Hortons before work, I got into work and every Friday we have free bagels in the kitchen area, so I grabbed one of those and got to work. Today was a half day at work so not a lot of people showed up at the office and there wasn't really too much for me to do, so I just kind of worked on a little stuff for the talk show and then a few things that I had to do for the office. It is nice to be able to go into work and just enjoy the office and sometimes not much is going on so just watch some episodes that I have missed from the week. The relaxed work environment is very nice, because you have deadlines and you work really hard, but everyone in the office is real nice. So I got done with work around 1ish and then it was time to head home for the long weekend.

Once I got back to the dorm, I got some lunch at a pizza place across the street, that is amazing New York pizza! Headed back and ate it while watching some episodes of Andy Griffith, and just relaxed for the remainder of the night. Like I said at the beginning I worked a little bit on the Talk Show things, just different segments I am thinking about having and if I am going to be able to have any sweet giveaways. We will see what happens, I actually went to room 1207 and celebrated Canada Day with some friends, and they fixed some Poutine which is a Canadian Delicacy I believe. So that was fun to celebrate with some friends and meet some new people as well.

Today wasn't too exciting but tomorrow is the Dinner Dance Cruise which is going to be a blast, and of course the weekend is 4th of July! A lot is going to happen this weekend, not sure exactly what I am going to be doing, but definitely nothing too crazy. I have to go buy a watch tomorrow in Chinatown, so I have a nice one for the cruise, hopefully I can talk my way down to a reasonable price, and get a good deal. The Challenge for the day is, RELAX sometimes, don't feel like you have to be doing something all the time, take a day or 2 this weekend to just relax and enjoy the air, go for a nice drive or just walk around! It really is nice, Thanks everyone for reading this!

Dream ON!!!!

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