Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 35- I'm in a park, and then I'm on a boat!!!

Today may have been one of the sweetest and most exciting day I have had here in the city, when you start off at Dream Careers you hear about a Dinner Dance Cruise that you go on, and tonight was the night, and I have to say it did not disappoint one bit. I had a great time tonight, and the day started out with a little fun stroll through Central Park, which was also a lot of fun.

So I woke up and had things I had to get done today, and one of those things was get myself a watch for tonight's dinner dance cruise on the Hudson, so I woke up and actually headed to Central Park. The plan was to get there a little early walk around and then go see the people doing intensati in the park. Well my plan was going great until I actually got to Central Park and started walking around. I tried to remember what street they usually meet for intensati so I just ended up walking around and walked all the way down to like 90th street, I had no clue where I was going. Once I got out that far, I figured I may want to start heading back, because I wasn't anywhere close. So I headed back, and started looking for spots that looked familiar, well easy enough, I found my way back to where they were doing the intensati workout and watched them for a bit. Then I headed back to the dorm, and got ready to hit Chinatown! For you guys that don't know, Chinatown has a lot of great deals on watches, and other random items, I told myself I was not leaving there without a watch and I did some walking around and looking and scouting out the best one, and I came across this one...

I think I chose a pretty good one, and got a good deal on it as well! Once I got done purchasing the watch, I headed back to the dorm to relax and just get ready for the night.

I got ready and headed down to the Commons where everyone was meeting and actually ended up taking a cab with a couple of friends from the program, Heather and Sarah. We were the first ones at the Pier and just enjoyed the perfect night. Once we actually loaded the Spirit of New Jersey, we went and walked around and checked out the top deck and all that stuff, the boat was really nice, it reminded me of The Spirit of Norfolk back home, with the dinner and just the perfect night. The whole thing was from 8-11, and now I am back writing this. It was a lot of fun and just getting to know people and enjoying the skyline at night of NYC and Lady Liberty, it was a fascinating night with fascinating people, it was definitely one of the best nights I have had in New York since I have been here. Here is a picture of my dates for the cruise, definitely the best dates a guy could ask for...

Today was a blast, from just walking around the park, to making a deal in Chinatown, to a Dinner Dance Cruise on the perfect night of the year! Nothing made today bad, and that is one of the great things about NYC, I have said it before, you may be having a bad day, but it only takes a few things that you see to lift your spirits right back up! I loved just walking around Central park and seeing what it really has to offer. Again, I love NYC and it is going to be hard to say goodbye in a few weeks, but until then, the weekend is still young! Tomorrow and Monday are going to be a lot of fun! I have a great feeling!

Dream ON!!!!

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