Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 38- It's going to be tough...

I must say, I had a tough time convincing myself to actually write this blog post, because this past weekend was just epic! Especially yesterday being the 4th of July and getting to attend 2 of the most amazing events that America has to offer on the 4th of July. But I thought to myself there are hundreds and hundreds of people all around the world that read my blog everyday and I can't disappoint you all at home. So don't be expecting any fireworks to be flying today.

I woke up this morning, and didn't feel too good, everything from the weekend was catching up to me, the standing all day yesterday, and walking around so much as well. So it was definitely a big struggle to get out of bed and get ready for the day. Once I got up and got going, I headed off to work, and when I first got there I did my everyday thing, go in and check if there are any videos for shows that are coming up. I was lucky that there were a few clips but, none of the big shows had things going on with them. So I worked on the talk show stuff a little while I waited to get my next assignment from Mickey. Once I got that, I started re-working on the categories for the actors and putting them in different sections. I actually enjoyed doing that for when I actually was working on it. Once I got done that I was done for the day and headed to the Dream Careers office to meet with Cody and James about the show on Sunday.

If you all didn't know, I am hosting the first ever Dream Careers talk show on Sunday, being entitled "The Dreamer Talk Box with Robbie Vogler". This has been one of my biggest dreams to actually host my own talk show, and this Sunday it is going to happen. We are going to have an audience and everything. We chatted about some logistics for a little while and then brought out a script of the show. It should be fun, and I am looking forward to really getting this opportunity to show what I can do. After that I headed back to the dorm, and I walked back and it was a nice little walk back! And just enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Today was a struggle, especially after the best weekend in NYC! But I have learned you are going to have days that are worse and better than others. This coming up weekend and this past weekend, are probably going to end up as the best weekends I have here in NYC, and I am totally fine with that. Tomorrow is going to be a new day! And I can not wait to go out and concur it! Thank you to all my friends, family and fans out there that are watching to see what my next Big Story from the big apple will be! I will check at yall tomorrow!

Dream ON!!!!

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