Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 41- Another day closer...

Wow, I can't believe it has been 41 days here in New York City, and I have 2 weeks left before I head home and then back to school for my senior year of College! I really think the one thing in my life that I have taken advantage of is the time. I always think, Oh there is so much time in a day and in my life, I have plenty of time to do this or that. But when you get to the reality of it, you don't have much time at all. Time has flown by so fast I can't even begin to imagine me entering the real world after I graduate next spring. And to think that this summer is almost over, is really a hard thing to swallow.

My day started off like it usually does, woke up and headed to work, didn't stop for any coffee or anything because I got a bagel once I got to work. So yeah, not only do we have vending machines that only cost 25 cents to get something, but we also have "free bagel Friday" so I got my bagel and then got to work on finishing the Danielle Staub interview, that will go live on the site this weekend. This is the first interview that I have completely produced by myself for TV Guide. I will put the link up on here once it is published on the site so everyone can see it, but it really was a huge deal for me because hundreds or thousands of people are going to watch that and I am going to be the one who put it all together. Once I finished that, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) came in and did an interview with Adam in the studio, so I got everything set up and made that happen. I then took the interview from yesterday and the one from today and split them up so it would be easier to finish editing them once I got in on Monday. That pretty much is what I did all day, it doesn't sound like much, but it definitely kept me busy throughout the day.

Once work was over, I headed back to the dorm and wondered what I was going to do tonight. It was raining outside, the Yankees postponed their game, and my monologue was written. So I decided to do a little laundry, and let me tell you there is nothing better than the feeling you get after doing a load of laundry. Especially when you are finished with it folding it, and listening to Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and Frank Sinatra, it really doesn't get better than that. So that is what I have been doing since I arrived back to the dorm from work, the night is still young, but who knows what I am going to be doing for the rest of it. I have a busy day tomorrow though, I am going "prize" shopping for the talk show, the goal not to spend more than 40 bucks on prizes. I would say that is going to be hard in any other city but, I am in NYC, so that is going to be a lot easier than I think.

It is crazy that one of my biggest dreams is going to come true on Sunday night, and then after that, it is up to me what I do from there. I don't know what the big picture is, only God does, but I am going to go after my dreams and my goals no matter I have to do to get there. I have been blessed so much with friends and family that have supported me throughout my entire journey! I can't wait to really see how this talk show works out and the response I receive from it. I challenge you that are reading this though, to not take your time here on Earth lightly. It will go by way to fast and before you know it it is up and you are left regretting not doing something when you actually were able to. Make it happen now, and don't wait. You have to chase those dreams now, before it is too late! This weekend is set up to be an amazing experience and a Dream Careers First, and I am going to be the one to kick it off!

Dream ON!!!!

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