Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 44- Monday= Just a great day!

Today was a great day, definitely one of the more fun all around days that I had. I think I was just in such cloud nine after last nights show nothing could have gotten me down. I had a lot of fun at work and then coming back going to a seminar and then just hanging out with some of the staff members was a lot of fun. Lets see exactly what happened.

So I woke up this morning as usual and got in to work, and immediately started working on getting the studio set up for the interviews we had scheduled for the day. After that I started editing the clips from last week and getting them all cut down. The first interview today was with Eric Balfour (24, Haven) and he was a really nice guy to talk to for a little bit and he was a really good interview to watch. Everyday I learn new things within the studio and the interviews Robyn conducted today were great and I love watching someone that does it on a day to day basis and I can really learn from how she conducts herself through the whole thing. I love how things are going so great and it is going to be sad to leave TV Guide next Friday. I have learned a lot since I have been there, and have taken so much away from the experience.

After work I headed back and just relaxed for a little bit fixed myself some eggs for dinner, and then headed down for a promoters meeting and a seminar on Job hunting and apartment searching in NYC. So they talked about what to do and the big things to do while looking for a job and I really took a lot out of it and what they actually said and I know it is going to help me for the future. Dream Careers is such a great program that I have fallen in love with, and just the staff and everyone around you really cares and is always encouraging. That is one of the best things that I love about it. They are always behind you 110%. I actually stayed around after the seminar and hung out with the staff from Union Square and Gramercy and it was a blast. Definitely those two programs have the best staff anyone could ask for. I would put them up against any of the other Dream Careers programs all over the world, and they would win!

Today wasn't as eventful as yesterday was, but I learned that even though a lot doesn't happen, you can learn a lot. I love this program and I love NYC more and more every day. The people that are surrounding me encouraging me every step of the way is so nice, especially when I am away from home and from school. My family and friends back home encourage me so much as well, and it is just awesome to have everyone on my side telling me to pursue my dreams! I love it!

Dream ON!!!!

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