Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 45- Tuesday another dreamers day...

Today was a great day at work and as just opportunities and opportunities happen it makes it tougher to say that I am going to be leaving NYC in a week and a half. I don't know what would have happened this summer if I hadn't found Dream Careers I would probably still be working at Skinny Dip this summer. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think I have gained so much experience and some amazing things that I am never going to forget.

I woke up and headed to work, and once I got into work got right on editing the clips from the past weeks interviews. I found some B-Roll for different clips and just started putting the interview all together. I am going to be working on finishing those up in the next couple of days. Well work went by really fast I believe because I just kept busy and just was doing something all day. I think if you want to pass the time just do something that will make it go by so much faster. The day may drag on, but do some work and feel accomplished. Well around the end of the day, Adam, one of the editors came into the studio where I was working and said we have a big opportunity for you. So tomorrow I am going to be doing my first on camera interview with Jon Taffer, for his new show on Spike, "Bar Rescue". This is the first chance that I am going to get actually being in front of the camera experience since working at TV Guide. I can't wait to get this experience and have this on my reel to tell people.

After work I headed back and I had an interview for the Campus Marketing Internship for Dream Careers with Jessica Larkin. The coordinator for the Gramercy program who is in charge of hiring, CMI's for this year. I honestly think it may have been the best interview I have ever done for a job. I felt like I really did a great job telling her why I would be the perfect person for the position and why I think I could end up putting Liberty University on the Dream Careers map! After that I went and met with Ellen my internship coordinator who has done so much for me throughout this summer and everything leading up to the program. If it wasn't for her helping me, I would never have had this internship at TV Guide, and she has just meant so much to me. I just talked to her a little about the Dreamer Talk Box and the internship and how everything is going just so great. After that I headed to the seminar and then talked to some of the staff about the Dreamer Showcase this weekend and the ideas for that.

Today was a great day, I am going to be able to experience another big dream of mine which is do an on camera interview at TV Guide that is actually going to be put online. I can't wait for this opportunity tomorrow and I will be keeping you updated as well. Dreams are meant to come true, I don't think anyone has dreams because they don't want them to happen. If you have a dream go out and do it. Don't be afraid to just take your dream by the horns and go in and get it. I did it, why can't you?

Dream ON!!!!

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