Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 46- Dreams come true... even on Wednesdays

What a great day today was, it started out great at work, and then tonight's Dream Enabling seminar just capped off a great day. It is crazy because this entire summer the theme of Dream Careers is really going after and trying to accomplish your dreams no matter what it takes. I think that I have really taken that to heart and tried to do that every single day. No matter what you go through in a day, you always should have that drive to do something even bigger and better than the day before.

I woke up this morning knowing that when I went into work today, I would be getting ready to interview my first celebrity on camera. The star of the new show "Bar Rescue", Jon Taffer, came in the studio this afternoon and for the first time this summer, I got the amazing opportunity to interview him on camera. Now yes I have done interviews before, but I felt like this one meant more to me than the ones that I had done, because I told my boss at the beginning of the summer that I would love to get this opportunity and he remembered and asked me to interview him. It may have been one of the best interviews I had ever done, and to do it in front of some of my co-workers and also the rep for Jon Taffer was really special. After the interview I got some amazing feedback from both Jon and everyone else who watched the interview. They all were telling me they wouldn't have even known it was my first time if I wouldn't have told them, and that really just made me think to myself, that I love what I want to do even more. Getting amazing feedback from people that you just meet and talk to for 20 minutes really can make a huge difference in the way you think about things. After that I started to edit the interview and I will finish that up tomorrow.

Once work was finished I headed back to the dorm and got some dinner, skyped with the folks, and then just relaxed before the Dream Enabling Seminar.  Throughout the entire 6.5 weeks that I have been here we have really been encouraged by the staff members to really go after our goals and our dreams. I was thinking of when I first got here, and they told me to write some of my dreams for this summer down, and I wrote them down, and today the final one came true. Something really does work and throughout the past 6 weeks and the different sessions I have learned so much about myself and about everyone else around me. The other participants have done so much and I can really see how much some of them have grown. I never thought that showing up to these sessions every single Wednesday would actually do something, but they have affected the way I think and also the way I am acting on my goals. I love the fact that everyone joins together and really helps everyone else, the support has never been higher. The seminar tonight just was amazing to see what examples people had in their journey this summer to really achieving their different goals and dreams. I am a huge example of having a dream and a goal and going for it, and them actually getting accomplished. It has been an incredible experience.

I think everyday, what is going to happen once I leave here in a week and a half and go back home to my family and friends. I am excited to go back, but at the same time I have made life long friends that I can't wait to keep in contact with. From both Union Square and Gramercy the amazing people that I have met have done wonders. I really just want to give a shout out to all the staff for both programs: Heather, Krista, Pauleen, Kasey, Steve, Jeunevieve, Sam, Jenna, Abby, Andrew, Zach, and Michelle. And of course Elina and Jess who have all just encouraged me so much throughout the time that I have been here. They care about us as dreamers so much and I hope to be apart of what they are doing someday as well. Everyone dreams, everyone has goals, but it is what you do to capture those dreams and really go for it. I think if I have learned anything over the past 6.5 weeks, it is keep the friends that you have and don't be afraid to make new ones. I came into this summer not knowing anyone in the program, but I am going to leave here, with friends that I will have forever and connections that I will never lose.

Dream ON!!!!

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