Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 56- Last day and see ya soon

Wow, I can't believe my time in NYC is already up. It has been an amazing summer and one I will definitely never forget. From the people to the staff to my co-workers at TV Guide, this summer was more than I ever could expected. This program has changed so many lives over the years and it has changed at least one more this summer. My life has been changed for the rest of it because of this program and this summer.

I woke up this morning and started the day off by getting packed up and ready to go. I met my parents down and brought them up to help me pack and get things ready to go. I said my final goodbyes to the staff members and some of the participants and then headed out. It didn't quite hit me until I was walking around and thinking how much I love New York City and how I am going to miss it! I am going to miss everyone of the staff members and fellow dreamers that helped make this the best summer of my life. I headed back to work to see if I had left something, but couldn't get in, so I headed to Time Square and I got to say goodbye to Clarissa before I left. I was so happy I was able to see her before I left, she was one of my best friends that I made this summer, and it was so great to see her. She is going to do so well in life, and it was great seeing her and being able to say bye, or see you soon! After that I headed to the Dream Careers office and got a copy of the Dreamer Talk Box, which is in the process of getting cut up, so be watching for that soon. Then I headed to Penn Station to meet my parents and we headed to Newark, NJ where we are spending tonight. I will be heading back home tomorrow, and saying "see you soon" to a city and an area that I have spent the past 8 weeks of my life at. I love New York City, and I promise I won't be gone too long!

This summer went by so fast, saying my "see ya soon" to all the staff and people that I have gotten to know really well this summer was tough. But I know that I will be in touch with everyone and I know for a fact that everyone that I came in contact with this summer, made an impact on my life, whether it was big or small, they all did something to change my life, and make this summer the best one! So many things have happened over the past 8 weeks, and I want to say thank you for everyone that made it possible and that made it such an amazing experience! I will be starting my new blog tomorrow, and I can't wait to inspire more and more people! As I leave you tonight, remember that your dreams will come true, don't give up! And always...

Dream ON!!!!

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  1. I have said it before and I will say it again ... I'm proud of you for all you accomplished this summer but even more impressed that you kept up with this blog for the summer. Its a great way to remember your summer and let people know what you have been up to. I know you are talking about starting a new blog and am looking forward to that as well.