Monday, October 24, 2011

A new week... Inspirations in my life

Looking back at my life, and the people who have inspired me the most, I have been so blessed to have so many people in my life, a father who has provided me with a Godly example and someone who has always been there for me no matter what was going on. Best friends that I can just pick up where we left off anytime I go back to school and then come back and just be able to catch up, and that are always there for me. And looking back at before college and even now, someone I look to, an old Young Life leader that was like a brother to me, and his family who I felt like they were apart of my own. I am so blessed to have them all in my life, and it doesn't stop with just them.

I have been saying for a while, that you can't inspire people unless you have been inspired yourself, all the greats were inspired by someone, whether it is a family member, a friend, a teach, a schoolmate of yours, or just someone who says something that gets you thinking. Being inspired comes in all shapes and sizes, it only takes a few moments to be inspired. You can see someone doing something polite for someone else, and be inspired to do something nice for someone else, which can start a chain reaction all over the world. I am sure you have been inspired everyday of your life, whether you realize it or not, there is always someone watching what you are doing. You may not know who that person is, or what that person may do because of what you inspired them to do.

I have told you that I love dreaming, and I love to see peoples dreams come true no matter how unreachable they may seem, you can never give up on what you want to do. It is apart of living, if you don't have goals or ambitions to live for what then is the real point of living? I never really thought too much about really writing my goals down and saying to myself, "in 5 years, I am going to be doing this... or in 10 years I want to be doing this..." If you write them down and stick them somewhere you will constantly be reminded of the dreams and ambitions you have, and when it comes that time you can do whatever you need to in order to get them completed. It sounds cliche but the phrase, "Go Big or Go Home!" is right on the money! Never give up on what your dreams are, because they are the things that will drive you every single day!

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