Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bringing it back

Nothing has been easier over the past couple days then to just sit back and watch people as they live out there life. Especially at a place like Liberty University where I get to see people live for Christ and walk in the way of the Lord every single day, I am so blessed to see the way others live and feed off of that. I tell everyone that I see all the time that I am completely and totally pumped about life, and why not, I have a heavenly father who loves me, and I am in a major that I love and that I can make a difference in this world.  There isn't a day that goes by in my life, that I don't think about the opportunities I have been given.

I have expressed some of the things I have had the fortunate honor of being apart of, such as Around Liberty in 90 Seconds, the Hockey TV Broadcasts, an intern at TV Guide, and recently a sports host for Option LU. I didn't know all this was possible but with the constant encouragement of my classmates it makes it so much easier. I think there were a few people that really meant a lot to me last semester when it came to Around Liberty in 90 Seconds and what really got me started last semester, now these aren't the only people that had a huge impact, but these were a few of the key players that inspired me to really do pretty great things and that has carried momentum into what I am doing now.

The first person would have to be Professor Kirk, he was the instructor of Around Liberty in 90 Seconds last semester and let me do the hosting with Olivia, and I really think that was one of the biggest confidence boosters in my life, when it comes to what I had been doing, before the semester I hadn't done too much, so him having confidence in me was a huge help. The second person was Jared Bredeson, now Jared was someone I got to know really well through hockey and also through 90 seconds, he was one of our main shooters for stand-ups and someone that I just really connected with, and he was probably the best camera man that I worked with last semester especially during 90 seconds. Last but certainly not least Olivia Willats, Olivia as many of you know that watched any of 90 Seconds last semester was my co-host and someone I got to know really well and just was one of the biggest blessings in my life last semester. A lot of people when you work with a co-host that you have never met before it is hard to get in a groove and for Olivia and I it wasn't hard at all. We didn't really know each other before last semester and by the end we became best friends. It has been a complete honor to work with all of the people who were involved in that practicum last semester and will truly be one of the most memorable semesters of my life!

I only named a few but, there have been tons of my classmates and professors over the years that have constantly encouraged me to do my best and really go after what I love doing. Those are the people that keep me going everyday of my life, along with the knowledge that God is always there with me. Through this blog, I will be mentioning different people who have inspired me throughout this past year, and how you can learn to live your life, and just dream bigger and better than ever! I hope you take this journey to be inspired, no matter the events that are going on throughout your day, you can always be in a good mood knowing what is ahead of you!

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  1. Robbie you are the best, don't ever forget that!!! I'm glad I was able to be a part of your inspiration, big things are in store for you I can't wait to see where you go!