Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a weekend

When I look back at the weekend that just occurred I am constantly reminded about how blessed I am, and the opportunities that I have been given at a great college such as Liberty University. This weekend marked one of the best weekends I have had here at Liberty and capped off one of the best weeks I have experienced as well. One of the things I have been really going for is dreaming bigger than ever and trying to inspire others to go after their dreams.

Rett and I during Friday's Broadcast...
Friday and Saturday were special nights for me when it comes to what I love doing and that is broadcasting hockey, I did color commentary for the Liberty Hockey games this weekend and they were probably two of the best games I have ever commentated. My dad was in town for the Friday game, and he was able to watch the game up in the press box with me while we broadcasted the game, it was a special moment just to have my dad, one of my biggest supporters sitting next to me while I did something I love. I can't begin to tell you how amazing the broadcasts went and I just signed up for doing color on December 9th when the Flames take on the #1 team in the country Penn State. I always tell myself that I am going to be doing big things in my life, but never could have imagined the things that have actually happened in the past 11 months of my life.

Friday and Saturday were a great start to the weekend, and today was nothing less than great as well. I headed out to Roanoke to visit some great friends of mine the Oleski's and went to church with them as well as had lunch. It was a great day of just hanging out with friends and a family that has been a home away from home while I have been at school for the past couple of years. And just being able to go up there for the day, and escape from Lynchburg just for a little while, was a great way to spend the day.

Everyday I wake up, some days earlier than others, and I am a huge twitter fanatic nowadays, I get a tweet everyday from Kristin DelMuto, someone who was in NYC with me this summer. She is one of the biggest dreamers I know, and its awesome to see her passion for the same field that I do. Getting her tweets every morning just reminds me that I am not alone in this dreaming world, the more I dream, the more I can inspire others to dream more and more. I never thought that I would have such an impact on someone, and that someone who has become one of my good friends over the past couple months. It doesn't matter what field you are in, or what you dream may be, no matter if you are in another country or another state, if you have a dream and are determined to go after it, then no one can stop you! I was blessed this summer with numerous people who were right by my side encouraging me to dream bigger and bigger everyday. It's my turn to return that favor to anyone out there who has any doubts! Become a dreamer and jump on the train, it will take you somewhere you will never want to leave!

Live, Dream, Do!!!!


  1. You look like a professional already in your broadcasting picture! Your a natural at it, you can tell this is what you were born to do! Keep dreaming, you're going places! :)

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