Wednesday, April 17, 2013

368 Miles, 2 CrossFit Box’s, 1 Community

I started my CrossFit journey May 28, 2012 at the end of a court in the garage of Ben Smith. Within the first couple months I found tremendous change in the way I was eating, the way I was living, and the way my life was going, but who would know that all that would change when I make the biggest move of my life, to a city where anything can happen.

I showed up to Ben’s garage thinking that I just wanted to get in shape, so I figured I would give CrossFit a shot, since he was one of my best friends and said I could come over and workout with him. Starting out was hard, but its been a decision that I never will question for a second, because it has meant so much to me as a person, and has helped me achieved so much in my life. A huge change not only for myself but also for the entire Smith family was in the horizon and would change the way I train completely.

Seven months later Ben Smith and his family opened up CrossFit Krypton on Kegman Road right down the street from where we graduated from High School back in 2008. It was definitely fun being apart of the construction process and seeing a gym being built from scratch was one of the coolest things I had ever been apart of in my life. Workouts started at CrossFit Krypton on the morning of December 3rd, and immediately I was joined into a community that would be much more than just that, but would become a family to myself and anyone who walks through the doors. CrossFit Krypton is unlike any other “Box” that I have been apart of, it’s more than just a CrossFit gym it’s a CrossFit family, which has become stronger and closer than you could ever imagine. When you are apart of a community like I was at Krypton, the goodbyes are even harder than usual. When I made the move to New York City to pursue my dream of becoming a TV personality I had to say goodbye to a family. The story isn’t over though, CrossFit isn’t just one gym in one state, it is a community all across the world and I realized that when I moved and joined CrossFit NYC, the worlds biggest CrossFit Box.

I showed up for my first WOD at CrossFit NYC April 3, 2013 not knowing who I would meet, or how I would be accepted into their gym, but also taking the skills and the training I had learned from my best friend and coach Ben Smith with my the whole time. I have only been apart of CrossFit NYC for a couple weeks, but I feel like I am meeting more and more people everyday who love what I love, who live a CrossFit lifestyle just like I do. It is hard to make changes, especially when you are making changes at the same time you are changing lifestyles, but the fact that you can walk into any CrossFit Box and feel welcome from Day 1 helps the transition so much easier. CrossFit isn’t just about what Box you belong to, it’s the community of every CrossFit box in the world that really makes this sport one of the most unique sports on planet Earth. 


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