Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Need Your Help...

I've been in New York for close to 2 months, and I haven't been blogging as much as I expected to. I have a job that has me on full time hours 5 days a week and I also workout all the time throughout the week. Well while that schedule won't change for at least 5 months, I need to do something different to get my name back out there in the media. I have some ideas that may be able to speed up this process but when looking at ways to build a brand for myself I need the help of my readers.

In January I wrote a post about my CrossFit Journey that thousands of people read across the entire globe, and those are the types of posts I need. My vision for this blog is to help people around the world in their journey when it comes to health and fitness. I plan on expanding my blog and trying to get sponsors to help contribute to the success. Because in all of social media and also online traffic, advertisements fuel websites. I plan on expanding to as big of a market as possible. That is where you as the reader comes in, I need your help to tell me what you want to hear from which companies.

The month of June will be spent researching and contacting businesses, athletes, and organizations to try and set up sponsorships and supporters for my blog, so when July comes I can hit the ground running with posts daily. I want to know what companies you would like to know more about, and what kind of things you would like for me to write on my blog. Comment below this post, tweet at me @RobbieVogler, or email me with your ideas. The more ideas I get the better I will be able to relate to you the reader. Which is the reason I do this in the first place! I look forward to hearing from you about ideas you may have!


Robbie Vogler

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