Monday, May 20, 2013

Stay in Shape While Traveling: Guest Blog by Mike Manning

Everyone goes on vacation, or goes out of town on business, here is a great article to show you how you can stay in shape while you are away from your home gym or local CrossFit box. It's simple and easy, and is something we all struggle with while being out of town.
Stay in Shape While Traveling

Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you can't maintain a fitness routine. Hotels and airports are getting more accommodating to travelers that want to stay in shape; there really isn't any excuse now to stray from your exercise program while on the go.

Many of us find traveling to be a stressful event. Exercise can help to keep stress levels in check. Keep in mind that 'routines' are supposed to be exactly that, routine. Failing to maintain your workout routine begins the formation of a non-exercise routine. Don't lose all the hard work you've put into making exercise a daily habit. It's easier to maintain your routine than it is to start over.

Keeping Your Routine

Consider bringing some simple equipment with you. There are collapsible dumbbells that can be filled with water at your destination. Bring a jump rope and some stretch bands.  Calisthenics are always a viable option, too. The important things are to think ahead, bring what you need, and schedule your exercise sessions. All of these pieces of equipment are great tools to use on their own if your hotel does not have a gym and also as supplemental tools to add to the fitness area at your hotel.

Due Diligence

With a little planning, maintaining your exercise routine will be much easier. Be sure to check out the location of your hotel. Is it near a park or running trails? Does the hotel have a fitness room? What type of equipment do they have? What are the hours? Is there a swimming pool? Prior to a recent trip to San Francisco I wanted to make sure that my stay would not only be comfortable but that I would also be able to get my workouts in throughout my trip.  In order to find some answers on what features each hotel had, I did some research on a few review sites. I was provided with a list of hotels in San Francisco along with various reviews that past visitors had written on their stays.  With this information this made it very easy to make my decision on where I wanted to stay.  With a little planning as mentioned above, you can not only find a great place to stay but also make sure you are able to complete your workout routine.

New Trends

Most people are familiar with hotel offerings as they relate to fitness, but most people are unaware that airports are beginning to cater to fitness as well. For example, San Francisco International Airport now boasts a yoga/Zen room for travelers. The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport now has walking paths in several concourses and the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport has a fitness center. Make sure to check out what the airports at your connecting flights have to offer.

There are more and more opportunities to stay fit while on the road. With a little planning and due diligence, there are plenty of ways to stay in shape during travel periods. Remember that any habit takes time to develop. Don't lose your momentum with your exercise routine. Traveling doesn't have to be an excuse to lose ground with your health and fitness.

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