Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 31: Super Bowl Recap

What a game it was, the defending champs against the team everyone accused of cheating in order to get into the Super Bowl. The game started out great, and ended in a call that could be considered one of the worst play calls not only in Super Bowl history, but in football history! Both teams came into this game with hopes of a Lombardi trophy to take home at the end of the ride. But when the clock struck straight zeros in the 4th, there was one team that reigned supreme, your 2014-2015 Super Bowl Champions, THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!

Loved getting to sit down and talk about the game that I watched in its entirety on Sunday. From the first snap to the closing seconds this game was one of the best of the year. You can look back and catch my AWFUL predictions in my Super Bowl Preview episode from last week. But my recap is a lot better. Make sure you also go check out each of my interviews I have done to date! I love doing a podcast a couple times a week for all you listeners and passengers of The Big Red Express! Crazy that we've already had 31 episodes and many more to come!


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