Friday, May 1, 2015

Upcoming Guest List

Check out the following guests that Robbie has planned for the podcast! Big names, big events, and big things happening for the show! You will not want to miss any of them! Here is the upcoming schedule!

Upcoming Schedule (Subject to change)
5/7- Pacific Regional Preview

5/12- Ben Smith (6x CrossFit Games Athlete, 3rd @ CF Games 2011, 2013)

5/14- West Regional Preview

5/20- Christmas Abbott (Author, CrossFit Athlete)

5/21- Central Regional Preview

5/26- Scott Panchik (3x CrossFit Games Athlete)

5/27- Cody Anderson (CrossFit Games Athlete)

5/28- Meridian Regional Preview

6/2- Dawn Fletcher (Mentality WOD)

6/4- CrossFit Regional Recap

6/9- Aja Barto (Former CrossFit Games Athlete, Weightlifter)

6/11- Road to the CrossFit Games - Part 1

6/16- Kelly Starrett Part 1

6/18- Road to the CrossFit Games - Cont.

6/23- Kelly Starrett Part 2 (Founder of Mobility WOD, NYT Best Selling Author)

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