Monday, June 6, 2016

The Weekend Update

The weekend is always hard when it comes to working out or maintaining your diet. For most people, me included, I find that I just want to relax and watch Netflix and pig out on bad food after being eating well all week. Nothing is worse than working hard all week long, just to throw it all away and pig out two days of the week. I didn't necessarily follow my diet strictly this weekend, but unlike other weekends, I didn't completely forget that diet is still important during the weekends.

Another big thing that I worked on this weekend that even if you just walk around the block or something, at least try to be active Saturday or Sunday. Ideally you want to workout both Saturday and Sunday, but if we are being honest with ourselves the last thing we want to do on the weekend is workout both days. I didn't workout Saturday, but I more than made up for it on Sunday with a 60 minute workout in 90+ degree weather. It was a good way to unwind and just plug in some music and keep moving. You don't have to move fast, find your pace and just keep moving throughout the entire 60 minutes. I have always been an advocate for working on weaknesses in workouts, yesterday I did that workout I posted last week those 60 minutes of running and burpees. Two movements that I absolutely hate, but also two movements I need to do more not only to build up my cardio and stamina but also to lose weight. I got through it and kept moving, that was my goal.

A shorter post for today, but I truly believe it is important to understand what you do on the weekends (good or bad) will have an affect on the rest of the week. Set yourself up for success before the week even starts. Be active at least one day of the weekend, work up a sweat and just move around and make yourself workout no matter how hard or how HOT it may be outside. Watch what you are putting in your body, it is okay to cheat on the weekend as long as you have been strict all week, and you don't completely lose that momentum on the weekend. Continue to make goals for yourself throughout the week, month, year, etc. The more you can track, the easier it will be to work to that goal every single day. Believe in yourself and find someone that will hold you to that anytime you may struggle...

Today's Weigh-in: 251.4 pounds
First Weight Goal: 240 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 9.6lbs

Have a great day everyone, talk to you later!


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