Monday, August 7, 2017

Day 35 - Paper cars, Street Lights and Me, OH MY!

What more can I say about this mornings run other than it was the most humid run I have ever ran before. The past month has brought me many of bad runs, and crappy weather, but today took the cake. So the reason I woke up as early as I did was because it's supposed to rain later on this morning, so I figured what better way to get the longest day of my week started by waking up super early and running. You could definitely tell it was about to rain, because I think I sweat more today than I have and it was the earliest run I've ever done. As I ran, I thought a lot about me running, and really why in the heck am I still continuing after my goal of 30 days is over. I think the biggest factor is I'm still trying to lose weight and be healthier all together, so this just makes things that much easier for me to get up and get moving first thing in the morning. Whether 100 degrees like it feels like in the summer, or whether its freezing like I'm sure I'll have some days like that in the winter. I'm going to keep on keeping on and fighting to whatever goal may come my way. My one goal right now is to lose weight, I've lost 12.8lbs in the past four weeks so something must be working. Other than that, I'm just trying to have fun with it all. (which is easier said than done)

What did I listen to? WWE Themed Music, gets the blood pumpin'

Verse of the Day: Mark 7:6-7 "He answered them, 'Isaiah prophesied correctly about you hypocrites, as it is written: These people honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me. They worship Me in cain, teaching as doctrines the commands of men.'"

Today wasn't the best run I've had, but it's in the books and you can chalk up another 1.25 miles for me. I'm proud of what I'm doing and what I have been able to do the past 35 days. Thank you for tracking along with my progress and we'll do it once again tomorrow!

- Robbie

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