Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 57 - Guest Blogger, Justin Langley

My running story,

As we all know, you either like to run or don’t! I never enjoyed running in any workout or would enjoy going for a daily jog, although I knew it would help me become a better athlete. I would avoid it by all cost, until it was absolute necessary.  

I got inspired by watching Robbie, (Big Red Express) who we all have seen at a Crossfit event here or there.  Robbie started running a mile a day and kept everyone informed through social media. Some would say this as annoying constantly seeing this but I was truly impressed by his commitment. Running is not fun nor easy for people who don’t like to run.

Because of Big Red I decided to join him starting the month of August, running just a mile a day. I knew that I could run the whole mile without stopping under 10 minutes. My challenge would be, to be consistent and stick to the commit, running every day for the month.  I mentally was prepared for this task.

I set in my mind to listen to certain music which I knew was going to end before my mile was done. I chose to run most days at a local track. For me it was easier to be focused on 4 laps and I was done.

After day one, not a problem. Day two, hey that was a PR for me because I never ran a mile in consecutive days in a row. Day five, all I thought was it wasn’t that bad. I was truly shocked I was still running, but I knew I started something and wanted to finish it.

Less than ten minutes a day and its over for me. By day five I knew I wanted to continue to stick with this and hopefully I will see a much better performance in all aspects in the gym.

I periodically kept up with my running on social media because some people would give negative feedback. People would say “it’s only a mile”. They were right, it wasn’t that far and I knew I could keep going if I needed to push it. To me though, I didn’t let it bother me because I felt like I was doing exactly what I wanted and it was working. Running wasn’t as bad I as I always complained about it.

By day fifteen of running I felt great and could tell I was starting to even lose some weight. At the end of the running I wasn’t breathing as hard and felt like I could keep going.  I started to enjoy it but still knew I wasn’t planning of becoming a marathon runner or anything. I just wanted to tackle a weakness and become better at running.

At day 22 I started to feel have flu like symptoms but hadn’t been diagnosed with anything at this point. I waited until late into this evening to get my run it. This was the most difficult time running for me. First time in the consecutive days running that I didn’t run without stopping. I walked a few times because I was having difficulty breathing. The next day I went to the doctors and had a bad case of strep throat. My tonsils were badly swollen, which made it difficult to breath. 

My goal was not reached for the whole month of running but I still accomplished by running a mile a day for 22 days.

I encourage anyone who doesn’t enjoy running or anything to push yourself to be better. You don't have to do anything drastic. Start with small goals, and continue to push yourself and you will surprise yourself. You must get out of the comfort zone to achieve greatness. It’s possible you must be ready mentally. The body can handle the punishment, you just must be ready for the ride.  There is no better moment to change your life than now.

Thanks for your inspiration BIG Red

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